I would like to be part of this initiative, what is the procedure? 

TCTF creates a platform for you to discover your gifts and develop in them. We work as a team with one Vision in one Spirit. If you desire to be more involved in outreaches and making an impact, to become a Volunteer or partner with us, please contact any of the board members for information on how to become part of our team.

How long has TCTF been operating?

TCTF is successfully running since 2009 with the help and assistance of family and close friends. We rely on sponsors to help us create smiles.

How many children do you cater for, for your Christmas Project?

Every year the number of kids increases. We cater for over 200 kids with families excluded.

       What can I do?

You can either choose to dedicate yourself to a specific outreach project or get involved in all our missions/outreaches. You may also choose to donate items such as clothes, shoes, blankets, oil, flower etc. to assist in our Winter Project. Or for our Christmas Project, you may donate party packs (sweets, samba, drinks etc.) Christmas play décor, (Christmas trimmings, lights, stage props) and educational gifts (Puzzles, Colouring books with colouring pencils, dictionaries, reading books (for kids aged 2 – 14).

Or perhaps you want to be more involved? We always value moral support. Find the dates of our outreaches, make contact with us to confirm place and time, bring a friend or two, your camera and your own children, and make memories! Should you wish to receive our yearly budget and a news letter, please let us know and we’ll ad you to our list.

How do I go about making cash contribution?

Whether once off, or in partnership, your Gift of any amount is Humbly Welcomed!
Account Details
Account holder: The Children Their Faces
Account name: Standard bank
Account type: Current account
Account number: 332872580
Branch code: 00184
Proof of Payment to: Finance@thechildrentheirfaces.org.za