Winter School – Day 3

Good Morning Ambassadors,

Winter School is proving to be a great success! Currently only it’s second year & managed to grow with 182% Day 3 of Winter School had #164 Children Registered.

Please take a second to have a look at this incredibly special moment from Day 3

We humbly thank each and every Ambassador who has made this possible. Your contribution is changing lives one day at a time. Remember, we all have the power to change the world.


Winter School – Day 2

We are halfway through day 2 of Winter School! Today, a record 154 Children registered to attend!

A big thank you to every Ambassador who has made this possible for every Child.
You can make a difference!

Winter School – Day 2


Winter School – Day 1 Highlights

Good Morning Ambassadors,

Day 2 of Winter School has started! This off the streets project is now it it’s second year, and growing beyond expectation! We are excited about the change this brings to the lives of every Child.

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Here are a few highlights from Day 1 .  .  .

Highlights – Winters School – Day 1


Winter School – Day 1

Dear Ambassadors,

We are halfway through day 1 of the Winter School! We are happy to report that 126 Children Registered for Winter School today.

A big thank you to each and every Ambassador who helped made this even possible.

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Winter School – Day 1



Christmas Project 2014

The tent was overcrowded, what normally seats 100 persons, was over crowded  by 300 persons..The weather played along well, beautiful open skies, not a sign of rain. The stage was set with performers anxious and excited. Cars were parked all around and high energy levels everywhere awaiting the grand “performance” – Our very own kids mounted the stage ever proud, ready and hungry to show their parents and neighbors what they have been up to since school closing till the very last dress rehearsal on Christmas-eve. The costumes fit perfectly, no make required-we all just need to speak up loud and clearly like we’ve be taught, they whisper. After a roaring applause they dance away, sing and celebrate their success-their play went well. We shared food and drinks, party packs, educational gifts, food parcels for their families and school bags for the following year. We set up the jumping castle after the “festivies” in the tent and spent Christmas day in the right way, family, Love, Joy and celebrating the birth of Christ. Christmas starts at 3am at TCTF, but we still wish the day could last longer.