TCTF is a non-profit organization with the mission to provide basic necessities in and around our community. We assist children, youth, the elderly, single parents and those in dysfunctional families (homes). We benefit indigent families and children, especially those from previously disadvantage backgrounds.

Many times we come across homes that have no income at all as a result of unemployment in our community, and other times the guardian of the home is well up in age and unfit to work, therefore we need to assist them.

Many of our program’s children come from broken homes. The basic necessities are scarce and the children are severely affected by this. As an outreach organization, our mission is to assist these families with real basic food


TCTF initiated in 2009 when we identified a need to assist the children in our neighbourhood. We believe that with mentorship and guidance we can influence their world positively. These seemingly mundane choices greatly affect all of us at a later stage.

Not enough time is spent on their mental development and most of them go through school with no ambition at all. Their vision is tainted with negative experiences as the lifestyle in our community greatly impacts their future.

To influence, empower and mentor.

Proving basic necessities (blankets, clothes, food, educational gifts) to families/homes in and around our community. By informative, constructive and practical campaigns. Through mentorship and counselling.

Mission Statement
Every child deserves the Best-without having to pay.

John 14 vs 31
….But I will do what my Father requires of me so that the world Know that I Love the Father. Come, let’s be going!