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Dear Ambassador,

TCTF wishes you a happy new year! We wish you beautiful moments, treasured memories and all the blessings a heart can know!

We are very excited about the possibilities that 2018 holds for us at TCTF. We are working hard behind the scenes to ensure that we continue to uplift our youth, elderly and children.

It is therefore with great pride and excitement that we announce two new, safe and secure fund raising platforms! The platforms have been recognized by the greats, such as Forbes, CNN and NBC. These great platforms allow us to raise funds and interact globally.

Our goal for the next 5 years, is to expand nationally & internationally. To build an academy that will provide the youth with opportunities in Sports, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Arts & Culture and Computer Science. At the same time, providing the youth and elderly with companionship, employment and learn and earn possibilities.

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Yours faithfully,
Jeanne-Lee Blaauw
CEO & Founder
084 393 3782

Newsletter – September / October 2017

Hi Ambassadors,

Everyone thinks of changing the world. To inspire, to motivate, to change lives. So few take the bold steps of trading their comfort zone for the wilderness, filled with change.

We never doubt that we have the ability to do just that. We are thoughtful, committed and eager. We are ready to learn & we embrace every obstacle as as opportunity to learn. We take calculated bold steps, always with the end in mind. Always finding new ways to embrace destitute, lighten burdens & challenging the young minds of today.

With this, we bring you very exciting updates in our latest Newsletter.





Newsletter – July / August 2017

Hi Ambassadors!

What an exciting time for us at The Children Their Faces. I wrote all about it in our Newsletter for July / August.

A Special shout out to Denise from the Rotary Club for donating blankets towards our Winter Project!



Winter School – Day 3

Good Morning Ambassadors,

Winter School is proving to be a great success! Currently only it’s second year & managed to grow with 182% Day 3 of Winter School had #164 Children Registered.

Please take a second to have a look at this incredibly special moment from Day 3

We humbly thank each and every Ambassador who has made this possible. Your contribution is changing lives one day at a time. Remember, we all have the power to change the world.


Winter School – Day 2

We are halfway through day 2 of Winter School! Today, a record 154 Children registered to attend!

A big thank you to every Ambassador who has made this possible for every Child.
You can make a difference!

Winter School – Day 2


Winter School – Day 1 Highlights

Good Morning Ambassadors,

Day 2 of Winter School has started! This off the streets project is now it it’s second year, and growing beyond expectation! We are excited about the change this brings to the lives of every Child.

Remember to keep an eye on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for regular updates

Here are a few highlights from Day 1 .  .  .

Highlights – Winters School – Day 1


Winter School – Day 1

Dear Ambassadors,

We are halfway through day 1 of the Winter School! We are happy to report that 126 Children Registered for Winter School today.

A big thank you to each and every Ambassador who helped made this even possible.

Please keep an eye on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc for daily updates on this great event!

Winter School – Day 1